The Servants of Charity - Founded by Father Louis Gaunella]

Divine Providence Province

About the Province 

In 2006, the Divine Providence Province was created during the 18th General Chapter to merge the strengths and resources of several English speaking countries together, including the United States, Philippines, and India. During the past six years, Viet Nam has been added, and a relationship with Germany has begun to flourish.

In 2012, the leadership of the Servants of Charity came together for its 19th General Chapter meeting (every six years), more exciting changes took  place; we congratulated our former Provincial Superior Fr. Luigi DeGiambattista on his elevation to the position of 2nd General Councilor, and welcome Fr. A. Soosai Rathinam to the position of Provincial Superior. We also extend our congratulations to the following religious men for their new positions of responsibility.
  •             First Councilor and Vicar – Fr. Charlton Viray
  •             Second Councilor – Fr. Visuwasam P.
  •             Third Councilor – Fr. Silvio DeNard
  •             Fourth Councilor – Fr. Kulandaisamy A.

This new leadership is a real reflection of the cross section of cultures currently serving the most vulnerable of God’s children in the vision of St. Louis Guanella, within the Divine Providence Province.

In the same way, our new General Council represents a cross section of the countries of the world in which the Servants of Charity reside to serve, “those who have no one.”

We’d like to congratulate our Father General on his re-election to another six year term, along with the other important leaders who have answered God’s call to service, including -

  •             Superior General - Very Rev. Fr. Alfonso Crippa
  •             Vicar General – Fr. Umberto Brugnoni
  •             2nd General Councillor – Fr. Luigi DeGiambattista
  •             3rd General Councillor – Fr. Ciro Pe. Attanasio
  •             4th General Councillor – Fr. Gustavo DeBonis
The 19th General Chapter took place at Casa Don Guanella in Barza d’Ispra, Italy in July 2012, and the priests who were there exemplified St. Louis Guanella’s vision that, “the Whole World is your Homeland.”

Provincial Superior

Photo: Rev. Fr. Luigi DeGiambattis

Provincial Superior

Fr. A. Soosai Rathinam, SdC

Provincial Councilors

Photo: Father Soosai

First Councilor and Vicar

Fr. Charlton Viray, SdC

Photo: Father Sabastian

Second Councilor

Fr. Visuwasam P., SdC


Photo: Father Silvio De Nard, SdC

Third Councilor

Fr.Silvio De Nard, SdC

Fourth Councilor

Fr. Kulandaisamy A., SdC

Provincial Treasurer

Fr. Joseph Rinaldo, SdC