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The Servants of Charity

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Attention Please!!!

A crowd of Guanellians from around the globe gather in Campodolcino, Italy. In a particular jail in Miami about 10 years ago, the break-out rate, levels of conflict and drug abuse were the highest of all jails in the U.S. After the arrival of a new governor he sent all prison staff to customer service training. When they returned they began to treat the prisoners as if they were customers! And 2 years later the jail had the lowest break-out, conflict, and drug abuse rates! ...All down to one word, one change in attitude, and that was - RESPECT!

Instead of seeing the prisoners in a negative light based on their histories, they began to respect their 'innate dignity and worth' as human beings. Very often, RESPECT is the most under-estimated, un-recognized, and un-used power. If this prison staff could forget the histories of those hard-core criminals and respect them for who they are and create miracles, what about the little mistakes which my parents, my siblings, my superiors, my friends, my community member, my parishioners, my neighbor commit?

And we are all related. The jail staff had no relation at all and moreover, their minds were trained to say that prisoners are criminals. But, they totally forgot that they were a prison staff and operated from a different perspective. And this can be done with anyone! Confreres can do this with the community members, teachers with students, healers with patients, parents with children, friends with friends. A child of God giving respect to another child of God…and miracles happen! This is Empowerment...this is real magic!

Unless I absolutely erase all the labels I have in my mind about people, I cannot emit the energy of respect. Even if I quietly carry it in my subtle consciousness that they did this and that, I will not be able to see them in their 'innate goodness' for what they truly are.

When we think of the word 'respect', we look at it as something that we are supposed to get from people. They should respect me! It's so easy to say, "But they don't respect me, then how can I respect them?" or "They did such a thing that I lost all respect for them." Do I have to wait for you to respect start respecting you? Remember, respect is not a commodity to be exchanged. It has nothing to do with what the other is! It's not about the other person being worthy of my's about my nobility of heart and attitude. If a jail staff can do this to so-called criminals, and a governor can think of such a beautiful thing, why can't I do that to my confreres, friends, my staff and my domestic helpers?

"The work of evangelization starts from the heart" says Father Guanella. In our lives good principles and sound values help us lead a good, happy and peaceful life!