The Servants of Charity - Founded by Father Louis Gaunella]

Religious Communities


The Servants of Charity expanded their mission to India in 1992 to continue St. Guanella’s mission of reaching out to the poor. Their first community was established in Cuddalore, at Sagaya Matha Parish. In a letter written to the Servants of Charity in 1993 by Pope John Paul II, the leaders of the Order were reminded of the importance of their mission. “Tender and constructive love for our suffering brothers, expressed with that delicacy worthy of the Body of Christ itself, will shine like a “living Gospel” and set free a beneficial energy capable of deeply moving hearts”. For up to the minute information on the events in India, visit the Guanella Communication Desk.

Tamil Nadu


Residents of Don Guanella Boys Home with staff perform 'Chellame'

This Guanellian mission began in 1996 and provides a home for orphans in the surrounding Cuddalore area. The program has grown from a small number of boys originally, to approximately one hundred twenty five residents in 2009. Don Guanella Boys Home caters not only to the physical and educational needs of the boys but also to their spiritual growth.

  • Sagaya Matha Parish
    Tel: 0091/4142/296988
    Fr. Luigi and Fr. Ronald distributing Holy Communion
    The basic foundation of the Guanellians started in this parish in 1992. The mission of our pastors who serve here is to show the Provident Father to the flock and help them to become fathers and mothers to many who are in need. The parish provides many charitable activities and the liturgical celebration in this parish has been exemplary.
  • St. Joseph’s Seminary
    Tel: 0091/4142/296788

    Blessing of the Communications Office at St. Joseph's SeminaryEstablished in 1993, this is the first Guanellian seminary in India. Its mission is to provide the initial education of young men who are in search of God's vocation to the Guanellian way of life. There are over 90 seminarians who are discerning the priesthood. They also receive the opportunity to finish their college degrees after completing their initial formation.


  • Don Guanella Major Seminary
    Tel: 0091/44/26274795

    The vision of the Major Seminary, established in 1999, is to provide the final stages of Guanellian formation before students of Sacred Theology become fully active Guanellian priests.
  • Don Guanella Rehabilitation Center (DGRC)
    Tel: 0091/44/26496207

    The mission of DGRC evolved as the Guanellians witnessed the need to open a facility for the special children in Poonamallee. Starting with a small group that gathered on Sundays to entertain these children, DGRC has become a large entity caring for the needs of special children. Here they are taught that a Providencial Father provides for all of their needs.



  • Our Lady of Providence Church
    Tel: 0091/435/2442548

    The Guanellians established this parish in 2006 on the outskirts of Kumbakonam. The pastoral care is extensive since there are many sub-stations to care for. The mission of the Guanellians in this parish is to bring the people of God into one flock, as they are divided amongst themselves.




  • Guanella Preethi Nivas
    Tel: 0091/80/28445501

    As a novitiate, this became the powerhouse of the congregation by combining novices and philosophy students under the same roof. The jubilee year 2000 paved the way to begin this house. Because of their formation opportunities, our seminarians assist underprivileged children as a way of giving back to the community. 


Andhra Pradesh


  • Sacred Heart Church
    Parish Feast Day Mass at Sacred Heart ChurchTel: 0091/8812/244474

    Founded in 2004, this parish was created to provide pastoral care to the faithful and to feed the needy. Feeding the elderly is a program unique to this parish that distinguishes the Guanellian charism from all others. 
  • Guanella Karunalaya (Boys Home)
    Tel: 0091/8812/244474

    Guanella Karunalaya has grown to witness the Guanellian charism by caring for fifty-five boys who are in need of education due to their social status. The Vatluru seminarians from St. Joseph's Seminary care for these boys and also pursue their religious and priestly formation at this house. The Vatluru community also provides educational assistance to the poor children of the surrounding area.