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Upcoming Events

May 19 - Grass Lake: Monthly St. Joseph Day- PUSJ

May 22-27 - Bangalore: Retreat for Novices

May 25 - The Ascension of the Lord
May 26 - Anniversary of the Ordination of St. Guanella (1866)

May 27 - Anniversary of Blessed Clare Bosatta Birthday(1858)

May 27 - Chennai: Renewal of Vows - DGMS

May 28 - Anniversary of Blessed Clare Bosatta Baptism(1858)

May 28 - Kumbakonam: First Holy Communion

May 30 - Bangalore: Entrance into Novitiate - GPN

May 31 - The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

May 31 - Anniversary of the First Mass of St. Guanella (1866)

May 31 - Bangalore: First Religious Profession of Novices - GPN

May 31 - Bangalore: Renewal of Pledges and Promises of GLM and GC - GPN



Village Progress Continues

A house that is under construction awaits roofing.

Chelsea - Here in Michigan, we were finally able to say goodbye to our cold winter weather during the month of April, and an explosion of activity took place in the creation of St. Louis Guanella Village. Because of all of the preparation work that had been done, the first children’s home began going up fast during the third week of the month, as exterior and interior walls were built on top of the foundation, and roofing materials were added to the roof joists. The foundation was poured for the second home, and tangible results can now be seen on a daily basis.

Guanellian Presence on Tanzanian Soil

Italian and African priests weraing white liturgical vestments are standing outside of a building in Africa.Pforzheim - Fr. Furaha Ntasamaye, a young diocesan priest in Tanzania, through his own initiative scoured Europe to obtain substantial contributions to help care for almost 250 disabled girls and boys in a very vast region of West Tanzania.
This is the first Guanellian settlement in this beautiful country. The photos show the opening day celebrations.
Gero Lombardo, German Guanellian Procure


There is no End to Charity
A group of people in India kneel before the Blessed Sacrament in a humble chapel.

Bangalore - “Until there are no longer poor and neglected to be assisted there is no end to our charity,” this is an inspiring quote from our Founder that motivates every Guanellian. The Cooperators and Lay members in Bangalore are working towards experiencing the true Guanellian spirit. Following their mission experience in Nazareth Illam, they spent a day at Don Guanella Aged home which cares for abandoned elderly men. The day was spent with the Grandpa’s grooming them, chatting with them, feeding them and cleaning their worship space. It is absolutely true that you can only understand the feelings of others when you spend time with them. As a regular practice we gather for an hour of Adoration on the last Sunday of every month, helping to spiritually nourish the Grandpa’s. Most Saturdays the members volunteer to do service. These Good Samaritan acts by the Cooperators and Lay members’ draws the attention of their family and friends who are awestruck by the service and in turn wins many good hearts that come forward to support the mission.


Way of the Cross A group of Filippinos standing before an outdoor performance of the Stations of the Cross.

Manila - The Way of the Cross this year was a bit different than past years. For this year, they related the events to modern daily life circumstances so that the people could understand more genuinely what Christ's Passion means for each of us. On April 12th, the way of the cross was held in the different areas of the servants of charity compound. The event was presented by the Guanellian Youth Ministry (GYM), Guanellian Altar Servers’ Guild, Guanellian Oratorio Ministry, some from the Guanellian Lectors and Commentators and the seminarians. Though not trained actors, they effectively portrayed the beauty of Christ's sacrifice. The goal of the presentation was achieved, and the audience deeply understood the Lord's loving sacrifice for us. Fr. Charlton Viray congratulated everyone who participated and those who exerted efforts that made the event a successful one.


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