The Servants of Charity - Founded by Father Louis Gaunella]

The Guanellian Spirit

Religious congregations are distinguished by their own specific spirit and charism.  The Guanellian spirit and charism can be characterized as a living family spirit.  Religious members and the residents together form the Guanellian family. 

The priests and brothers are, therefore, to acquire a profound spirit of union with God in order to nourish a genuine spirit of sacrifice, self-giving and dedication.  These characteristics are the basic points on which the Guanellians live their own vocation. 

To achieve this goal, the Servants of Charity have to grow in prayer and nourish a strong bond of fraternal love among themselves.  Knowing their own abilities as well as their own deficiencies, they support each other for a better and more effective result in caring for their needy brothers and sisters. 

To be a Guanellian means to carry the cross day after day with a spirit of self renunciation. 

Religious life is very demanding and not an easy one.  Strengthened by spiritual motivation the Servants of Charity are working joyfully knowing that everything they do, for the least of the brothers, they are doing for the Lord.