The Servants of Charity - Founded by Father Louis Gaunella]

Religious Communities

United States of America

Our Founder, Saint Guanella, provided the first presence for the Congregation when he visited the United States in 1913 and later established a “house” in Chicago in 1915 for the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence. Since that time, the Servants of Charity have established themselves in three different states.


  • St. Louis Center
    Tel: 734-475-8430

    In 1959 the Archbishop of Detroit purchased a 180-acre parcel of vacant farmland west of Chelsea, MI to build a school for “special boys”. The Servants of Charity were asked to operate what would later become “The St. Louis School for Boys”. With the assistance of the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence, the Servants of Charity provided their special brand of Guanellian care to exceptional boys until the mid-1970’s when “mainstreaming” was mandated in the public schools of Michigan. Now serving persons with disabilities into the 21st Century, St. Louis Center operates as a residential care center for young boys, as well as adult men and women.
  • Pious Union of St. Joseph
    Tel: 517-522-8017

    The Pious Union of St. Joseph for the suffering and dying is an association of the faithful, founded by Saint Guanella with the support of Pope St. Pius X in 1913. In 1986, the Servants of Charity purchased 30 acres of property in Grass Lake, MI, and a year later, Fr. Germano Pegoraro was transferred to Michigan, and petitioned the late Bishop Kenneth Povish of the Diocese of Lansing to open a branch of the Pious Union in the United States. After several stops and starts, Fr. Pegoraro was permanently assigned to a small house in Grass Lake, where he led the efforts to create a beautiful shrine dedicated to St. Joseph. Following the November 1995 groundbreaking, the Chapel was completed and dedicated to the public on June 18, 2000. Fr. Pegoraro passed away on December 12, 2007. In 2005 and 2007, a Lourdes Grotto and a Mt. Calvary plaza have been added to the Pious Union site. St. Joseph is the patron saint of the suffering and dying of the world. Silent Clubbing with Jesus


Rhode Island

  • Sacred Heart Parish
    Tel: 401-434-0326

    A procession at Sacred Heart ParishSacred Heart Parish is an inner city parish, small in size but great in heart, serving a community of blue collar people of various ethnic nationalities, mostly Portuguese immigrants.  The spirit follows the Guanellian goal of giving “Bread and the Lord” through pastoral spiritual care, education of our children in our Sacred Heart Parochial school, day care for children, after school programs, and outreach to the needy of our parish and the community at large.  A Senior Center has been established.  As the mural in our church portrays, it is our goal to bring the Sacred Heart of Jesus to all who are weary and burdened, to receive from Him rest and grace. 

The mural behind the altar of Sacred Heart Parish in East Providence, RI.