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Formation Program

There is a special formation program for candidates who join the religious community that combines spiritual growth with academic studies and technical training.  It is intended to prepare the candidate to maturely make the permanent profession of his own life to God through the vows of Chastity, Poverty and Obedience as well as to fulfill his priestly or brotherly ministry among the poor. 

The program is developed through the following successive steps:

1. Postulancy or Pre-Novitiate

The candidate in this period, which can last one or more years, is called the “acclimatization” or “orientation” stage.  During this time the candidate has the opportunity to more fully observe his chosen vocation.  The congregation, in turn, uses this time to better determine the postulant’s suitability for religious life. 

2. College Education

A candidate for priesthood that does not have a college degree must obtain his diploma.  The candidate for brotherhood may take some education courses to achieve specific training in the special education field.  The formation team will plan the curriculum of study. 

3. Novitiate

The novitiate is the canonical year established by the Church to initiate the candidates to the religious life itself.  Admission into the novitiate means that the candidate, after a successful period of postulancy, decides to become a religious, confident that he will profess the three vows. 

During this year, the novice studies the constitution and rules of the Servants of Charity and lives the spirit and charism of the congregation.  After one year he makes his first profession and becomes a member of the Servants of Charity. 

4. Theology

The professed candidate for priesthood who has finished four years of college will begin theological studies. 

5. Practicum

The practicum involves a year of full involvement in Apostolic activities of community life in a designated religious house.  During this period there is no obligation to study.

The purpose of this year is to give the candidate an opportunity to reflect seriously before making a permanent commitment.  To make a permanent religious commitment and be ordained a priest is a very serious decision in one’s life. 

6. Final Commitment

Upon completion of the Novitiate year he makes the vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience for a period of three to six years, after which he may freely ask to profess his final vows.

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The Candidates

Those eligible to join the community of the Servants of Charity must be at least 18 years of age, a high school graduate, and sincerely and honestly motivated to follow God’s call and interested in becoming priests or brothers. 

The candidates for the priesthood must be high school graduates. They should possess:

  1. Ability to complete a college degree as demonstrated by standardized tests;
  2. A sound mind and be in excellent physical condition;
  3. The capability to live a strong moral, social and Christian life;
  4. Freedom from civic (no police record), military, family, or financial burdens. 

 Candidates for brotherhood must be high school graduates. They should have:

  1. Average intelligence and common sense. The community encourages brothers to take courses that will enhance their professional skill development.
  2. 2 – 3 – 4 same as above (candidates for priesthood)

Christ and the Community are not searching for “superman.”  What the vocation to the Servants of Charity calls for is a well-rounded personality, a generous man who can readily become identified with Christ through the exercise of the Apostolate.  As an integral part of their training, all the candidates will be required to work freely in the Apostolate of the congregation. 

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How to Apply

Phase 1:

  • Acquaintance with the Vocation Director by various means;
  • An interview with the Vocation Director is requested if the applicant is seriously motivated.  It can be arranged at Don Guanella Formation House (Springfield) or St. Louis Center (Michigan).  Addresses can be found below. 

Phase 2:

  • Application
  • A psychological examination is requested by Church authorities
  • Gathering all the necessary documents
  • Written request for admission

The Formation Team will examine the request for approval.  Arrangements are made with the Vocation Director for the day of entry. 

United States

  • Sacred Heart Church
    Fr. Silvio De Nard
    118 Taunton Ave.
    E. Providence RI 02914
    Phone (401) 434-0326
  • Pious Union of St. Joseph
    Fr. Satheesh Alphonse
    953 E. Michigan Ave.
    Grass Lake, MI 49240
    Phone (270) 556-7789


  • Guanella Preethi Nivas
    Geddalahalli, Kothanur (P.O.)
    Bangalore - 560 077
    Phone (080) 28445501
  • Don Guanella Major Seminary
    Karayanchavadi, Poonamallee
    Chennai - 600 056
    Phone (044) 26274795
  • St. Joseph's Seminary
    Samupillai Nagar
    Cuddalore - 607 001
    Phone (04142) 296788
  • Guanella Karunalaya
    12 Vatluru, West Gothavari (Dt.)
    Andhra Pradesh - 534 007
    Phone (08812) 244474


  • Servants of Charity House
    Fr. Charlton Viray
    Centerville Subd - Pasong Tamo
    Tandang Sora - 1107 Quezon City
    Phone 2-931-5549

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